What I’m Doing Now…

The amazing Courtney Carver shared her “now” page in a recent Saturday email, and I really loved the idea. It’s been around for a while (see: https://nownownow.com/about) and I think it’s pretty brilliant. So, here’s what I’m doing now. Current Instagram feed >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

It’s September 2019, and right now I am…

  • …praying for James and the HaMoreh crew as they travel to Africa.

  • …slowly building the social media division of our business—I am so excited about the vision we have, and the clients we are currently serving!

  • …enjoying a new season with our kids—Kayci is driving and mascoting and working and being sixteen, and Noble is exploring his musical gifts and keeping me on my toes with his many questions and ideas.

  • …learning new rhythms with my Mom, who’s recently given up driving. I’m spending more time with her as we grocery shop and run errands and figure out this new normal. (She’s fine, it was just time!)

  • …reading Rebekah Lyons’ upcoming book, Rhythms of Renewal, and also Jess Connolly’s You Are the Girl for the Job as part of their launch teams.

  • …working with a dear friend to help launch HER new book—can’t wait to tell you more about what Tara’s up to!

  • …setting up a little free library in our yard!

  • working through The Artist’s Way. I’m finishing week 1 of 12, and have already learned so much about myself.

  • …spending time listening to God, letting Him guide my days.

  • …loving my neighbor.