Every first Monday night we’ll host #mondaymeals in our yard. Meals will be potluck; we’ll provide plates, etc. It’s us, so the food won’t be fancy—but the point is fellowship. Show up, get to know each other. No stress! No RSVPs, no pressure. Yes, you can invite whoever you’d like!
To keep the main thing the main thing (fellowship!), here are a few ground rules:
1. Every first Monday, 5:45-8 pm, people will gather in our yard.
2. At 5:45, we’ll set up. At 6, we’ll pray and eat. At 7:45, we’ll clean up so y’all can head home by 8.
3. Bring something to contribute. If you’re gluten free or on a cabbage diet or only eat purple foods, bring something you can eat and share.
4. Watch your children. 
5. If you don’t have littles, hold a baby or help with plates and give someone a break. 
6. If you see someone looking alone or uncomfortable, join them or invite them to join you.
7. Unplug and connect.
We’ll figure it out as we go, y’all. Whenever you can, show up! 🍴