What I Read Wednesday: 27 March 2019

What I Read Wednesday: 27 March 2019

It’s been a few weeks, so buckle up!


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This book had me laughing out loud and reading passages to my Boy (who now plans to read it, thankyouverymuch). I hate to admit I don’t listen to the Popcast (I know, I know, I’m a podcaster who doesn’t spend hours each week listening to podcasts. We’ve talked about this, let it go.) Anyway...I just might listen now, because Knox McCoy is hilarious and real and vulnerable and irreverent...I liked his voice and what he had to say. I’ve taken to reading with a pen in hand (since Ordering Your Private World, when I found myself using a crayon or anything near and I realized I didn’t have to perfectly color-code everything...it was a freeing realization) and I marked several passages in this book. Here’s one that reminds me of my brother, @thefiveminutebookshelf , and what he’s working through right now (but for real, all of us are working through this...Ronny’s just brave enough to do it publicly). 

Knox wrote, “...we’re never closer to the heart of things than when we’re willing to be vulnerable and transparent.” So, so true. And also, reading this deepened my resolve that I really don’t want a book deal. This will be our little scavenger hunt: you read the book, and if you can tell me what sentence clinched it for me, I will give you $20 cash. (Only applies to the first person to answer correctly. But text me or email me, because I really stink at reading comments. I know. I’m the worst.)


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A few years ago when we were planning our 25th HS reunion, a group of us reconnected. Our reunion was a blast, but those rekindled friendships have been such a blessing! At one of our gatherings, Dawn Adams Cole mentioned that she was working on a novel. I was so impressed, but not surprised. Dawn is and always has been an old soul. She has a sly sense of humor and is so, so intelligent. Dawn is passionate about people and loving people where they’re at. I could go on and on about her—I have admired Dawn since 6th grade. She was, and is, the coolest. I remember each time we gathered to work on the reunion getting an update on her novel. And then the best update: she had a publisher and a release date. When I received my copy in the mail, it was absolutely gorgeous. This novel stands up to anything I’ve ever read by Danielle Steele...Dawn is a talented writer with a voice that stays in your head. She refers to this as her love letter to Houston, and that is absolutely spot-on. As a former resident of both east Houston and the Heights, the novel read like a memory. Well done, dear friend! I am so proud of you for making your dream come true, for putting in the work, and for being such a great example for your girls. I love the way you love people.


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I am a huge @gretchenrubin fan, and this book actually exceeded my expectations. It’s a QUICK read, but don’t be fooled—there is a ton of goodness packed in there. I gave a copy away at my organization talk last week, I liked it so much!


#book14 #littlebookofhygge

I’ve been hearing a lot about hygge the past year or so, and I wanted to learn more. This book was very interesting...but I’m not sure what I really took away. Like hygge itself, it’s hard to put into words. 😂

vertical marriage.JPG

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A friend suggested that we study this book in our Wednesday night small group, but I knew of 2 other friends who were dealing with some similar issues in their marriages so instead we formed our own small lunch group. We’re having trouble finding time to meet, but I think that’s because the book is so good…this is solid advice for people who are going to marry, have been married forever, or are just starting out. So, most of us! 

What I Read Wednesday: 3 April 2019

What I Read Wednesday: 3 April 2019

A Home That Feels Good

A Home That Feels Good