on being organized...

on being organized...

Months ago, our local Moms, Inc. asked me to speak on organization. I’ve had months and months to figure out what I want to say, but here I am 2 days before, rushing to get this website live so I have somewhere to send the sweet ladies who attend the talk. Yup…suuuuuuuper organized. That’s me.

Two days later, I finished my notes about 5 minutes before I had to leave the house. And I didn’t get this blog post organized, but I still used this hodge-podge of photos I loaded to talk about different ways we organize our home.

Here are my notes—I hope to flesh these out over the coming weeks. We’ll see. ;)

Organization —3.21.19 Moms, Inc.

1.         SHAME GAME

a.    Have you ever had a freak out when you found out someone was on their way over…or just showed up and knocked on the door?

b. Have you ever felt ashamed of your home…

  c.  …or certain areas of your home?

  d. Is your home a place where you can relax?

         e. Have you ever envied a friend’s home?

         f. …or her life because she seems to have it all together?

         g. Have you ever HID your clutter from your family or guests?

         h. Have you ever forgotten about an engagement/meeting/appointment?

         i. Have you ever forgotten to send lunch money, signed paper, sack lunch…

         j. Do you have a running to-do list in your head of things left undone?

         k. Have you ever forgotten to send a birthday card or gift to someone you care about?

         l.  Do you think things like, I can relax when I get ___ done or painted or organized or cleaned up…

         m. Have you and your husband ever argued about neatness or clutter?

         n. Have you ever cropped cluttered or messy or dirty areas out of your social media photos?

         o. Do you look at your social media feed and think everyone has a nicer/neater/lovelier/fill in the blank home than you?

         p. If you could change your level of organization or be better at time management, would you be willing to do the work?

2.         Excess Baggage icebreaker

 3.         What’s your WHY for wanting to be more organized?—Hygge & Only Love Today

You hear Marie Kondo talk about sparking joy…I am all about some joy! Let’s see if we can find some for you, okay?

4.         I’m far from perfect, my way isn’t the right way…it works for me. Our goal today is

to help you take a step back and figure out what’s right for you and your family. We don’t want you to try to remember ALL THE THINGS or try ALL THE THINGS or read ALL THE BOOKS…I get paralyzed by letting perfect be the enemy of good, or deciding that I’ll start when I have everything lined up. Guess what? I don’t start.

5.         This one is important to remember: you don’t live in a vacuum. Systems have to

work for your whole household—it’s important to talk to your people before you change anything, after you’ve changed it…it’s important to be on the same page and not make de-cluttering organization a HAVE-TO.  Try to get their buy-in (clock example—kids hated clock…). 

6.         Proverbs 31 woman…read it. She laughs at the days to come—that image gets me every time, y’all.

-she saved my marriage in 2005 with the word respect, I got to know her here at Champion when Noble was a baby.

-it doesn’t say she’s perfect or that she’s the coolest mom in town—it says that she takes care of her business and I like to think that she does it with a clear conscience and a happy heart 

7.             remember it’s a season (I’m off my rhythm this year, and that’s okay). Some seasons (small kids) look like lots of STUFF…but keep it moving. Have a system for outgrown clothes, let go of toys they don’t love…only save what you would have wanted your mom to save for you. If that’s everything, get in touch with me.


8.         There are so many systems out there. So many books…so many blogs and social

media and #konmari…you can’t do it all. Do what works for YOU. And if you don’t know, just START…and then change it up.

 9.         Let’s talk life-changing magic…

-before you do anything else…Clean up/declutter—my organized hoarding (unexpected benefit—house is wayyy easier to clean)

-touching other people’s stuff (husband’s—no no!)

         -let it GO.

         -start with trash...but don’t let it get to that point. If it’s broken, throw it away. If they

outgrow it, process it.

-real talk: if your kids are throwing trash on the ground and leaving dishes

everywhere, is that what you really want?

-quick tip: CLOSE CABINETS AND DRAWERS. And teach your kids!

10.          A place for everything and everything in its place

-use what you have; LP and cuties boxes; giveaway envelope boxes

-notebooks for different things (podcast, etc.) when kids were small looked like bag

for soccer, dance, etc.—everything goes IN the bag or stays in the bag, bag stays in one place

-pens, scissors, tape—ok to have things & spaces that are just for Mommy (my orange scissors)

BUT I’m not a fan of junk drawers

11.          It’s okay to phone a friend…our storage/garage debacle

-professional organizer or friend? Or do you work alone? Different for everyone.

-snowball after cleaning garage, craft closet, pantry, fridge...

12.          simplify clothes...clean out closet 😬 my uniform

 13.          everything in its place—using my keys as a reminder of what I need to take with me

Routines and Systems 

1.             Calendars—digital and planner/paper, do you need to see it? My whiteboard system, didn’t use it but it made me feel busy and organized—such a waste of time! I keep track of birthdays, special days…birthday card tip

2.             daily journal, to do (give one away)…Storms talk at MOPS back in 2006, needed that list when kids were little

3.             notes, alarms, J uses reminders

 4.             don’t run out-system looks like list on fridge for us

5.             proactive better than reactive...don’t run out of things, routines in place for papers rather than letting things pile up

6.             take care of bills, school papers, etc. as they arrive—staple $$ to papers and send back that day if you can…TOUCH IT ONCE

7.             budget binder: life after Dave Ramsey lots less mail (have had seasons where it’s beautiful and matches and all the things…this year wasn’t that season, did quick and done)

8.             What can you do right now to make tomorrow easier?


-hangers—if you don’t use, don’t take...g Rubin’s system, my system...have them where you need them. Family gets blind to them. 


-4 books I’m giving away 2:  Cozy Minimalist & Outer Order, Inner Calm (will give away Life-changing Magic and Soulful Simplicity at DAR next week)

 -Myquillyn Smith, Cozy Minimalist Home


  -Gretchen Rubin, Outer Order Inner Calm


  -Marie Kondo, Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up


  -Courtney Carver, Soulful Simplicity


Other books I have read and recommend:

-Slight Edge


-Gretchen Rubin’s Better Than Before (habits)


-Eat That Frog (for fellow procrastinators)


-Myquillyn Smith’s first book, It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful


 -Ingrid Fetell Lee’s Joyful


-Little Book of Hygge



-Ingrid Fetell Lee’s Joy TED Talk


-Courtney Carver’s Be More With Less


-ANYTHING by Rachel Macy Stafford (Hands Free Mama)


-Joshua Becker


-ANYTHING by Edie Wadsworth (great online courses!)


-ANYTHING by Emily P. Freeman (great podcast & weekly email)


-old Adventures of Mommygirl blogs on organization…my, how far we’ve come from organized hoarding!




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A Home That Feels Good

A Home That Feels Good